Tolovana Hot Springs


There are three cabins, each with an outhouse. The cabins are fully outfitted as described below. You need to bring food, a sleeping bag, and toilet paper.

Cedar cabin
--18' x 24' cedar cabin (Pan Abode 1 bedroom Kit Home)

Sleeps 6 (sleeping pads provided)
Wind Powered LED Lights and propane Lights (4)
Propane kitchen stove (full size)4 burner/oven
Pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, utensils
5 gallon water jugs
Sink, dish pans, soap
Wood stove
Cedar Cabin

Log Cabin – 16’ x 20' Log Cabin- (one room, built from local logs)

Sleeps 4 (sleeping pads provided)
Solar Powered LED Lights
Propane kitchen stove (full size), 4 burner/oven
Pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, utensils
5 gallon water jugs
Dish pans, soap
Wood stove
Log Cabin

Frame cabin -- 12' x 14' insulated wood frame cabin

Sleeps 2 (sleeping pads provided)
Solar Powered LED Lights and propane lights (2)
Propane kitchen Stove (19 inch), 4 burners/oven
Pots, pans, cups, bowls, plates, utensils
5 gallon water jugs
Dish pans, soap
Wood stove
Frame Cabin

Propane: Propane is provided for the cabins.
Firewood: Firewood is provided adjacent to the cabins. Wood may need to be cut to stove length. Handsaws and axes are provided. Firewood is NOT for outdoor use (i.e. bonfires)!

Fresh Water Spring: There is a cold freshwater spring near the cabins outfitted with an insulated spring box. Drinking and cooking water may be dipped from this box year-round. Visitors usually haul hot spring water for washing dishes, saving time and propane.

Spring water is not treated or tested, so guests concerned with its safety should boil water for three minutes before consuming it.

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs: There are three hot tubs, each with a deck, along the hot springs creek. They are about 200 feet apart (i.e. nearly out of sight of other). The tubs are not assigned to any specific cabin. Water continually flows into and out of the tubs. The use of soap and any other chemicals is forbidden. This is a natural hot spring.

Upper Tub An 8 diameter round plastic tub at the base of the hillside right below the steaming springs.

Middle Tub a rectangular wooden tub located on the hillside near the creek reached by a footbridge.

Lower Tub An 8' round plastic tub in a secluded wooded area by the creek.

Future Tub Tub THS LTD plans to build a new tub in the future. Like other tubs it will only be accessible by foot and will ensure privacy from the other tubs.

Day Use Area: The Upper Tub is designated the Day Use area. We plan to build an outhouse and picnic bench in the upland area above the tub in the future.

Area Trails

Vicinity Map: The main access corridor, The Tub Road, is the designated trail to access the tubs and the drinking spring. All other trails are to be used by visitors staying in the cabins. These trails are designated and marked as foot traffic only. See Vicinity Map in each cabin.


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